The RI President each year sets goals a club should attain.  On the recommendation of Governor Dan, he awards a Presidential Citation to successful clubs.  In terms of membership, there are three areas of interest this year.


First, representativeness.  A club must achieve 2 of these 4:

  •  2% increase in qualified women
  •  2% increase in qualified younger professionals (under age
       of 45)
  •   Induct one or more RI/Rotary Foundation program
  •   Increase diversity (e.g., classification, gender, age)

Who is not represented in your club?  Ensure that 2 of these 4 will definitely happen by April 1 (when Governor Dan must certify clubs for the Citation). 

 Second, retention.  A club must achieve an:

  • 85% minimum retention rate, based on members on July 1,

Analyze your club.  Are you keeping members’ interest with meaningful service projects, great fellowship, stimulating programs, weekly newsletters, and an inspiring website?

 Third, net growth.  A club must achieve: 

  • a net gain of at least one member between 1 July 2011 and
      31 March 2012 as shown on the club’s reports to RI.

Remember, this means more new members than members lost.  It’s the right time to implement a “Five-for-One” plan.  In “Five-for-One,” the Club President assigns members to teams of five.  Each team then identifies and recruits at least one new member by March 31.  (Usually you must try 4-5 prospects to find one true Rotarian.)  Complete details on “Five-for-One” are available on the District website under “Membership and Club Support,” then “Membership Recruitment Plan.” 

     If you believe in Rotary ideals, sharing Rotary is one of the best gifts you can give.  We need Rotary there for our children and grandchildren, for our communities, our nation, and those all over the world that Rotary helps.  More hands strengthen our service projects; more resources make the Foundation stronger; and more hearts energize the fellowship that spurs all of us to work harder and better.

The District website under “Membership and Club Support” has many membership resources.  If we can help, please do not hesitate to contact us though the District website “Organization Chart.”

Duane and Sandra Benton | District membership chairs