Posted by Julie McCoy on Jun 28, 2019
So long farewell, auf weidersehen goodbye…
Picture me singing one of my favorite ”Sound Of Music” songs as I fleet, I float, I fleetly flee I fly...
Wow, I can’t believe that this Rotary Year is over…and I have all of you to THANK for making this year one of the most memorable years of my life!  District 6040, you are simply THE BEST!
Club Presidents “ROCK” and since I’m an accountant and I like numbers:
  • Every single Rotary Club in our district gave money to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund and/or the Polio Plus campaign this year…this is ABSOLUTELYL AMAZING!
  • 25 Clubs gave over $100 in per capita giving to The Rotary Foundation.  In fact, 4 Clubs were over $200 in per capita giving and 4 Clubs were over $300!  NICELY DONE!
  • As of this writing, our districts total annual fund giving is at $132.20 in per capita giving to the Rotary Foundation…that is awesome.  Outside of the centennial year, this is the highest per capita amount ever achieved in our district.  That moves us up to second in the zone. 
  • The total given as a District to the Annual Fund weas $312,661 (our goal was $236,000), $92,150 to Polio Plus and $18,750 to the Endowment…drum roll please….a total of $423,600 was given to do good in the world….a RECORD BREAKING YEAR!
  • 23 Clubs achieved the Rotary Citation-WOW!   There were 3 items Clubs could do to qualify for honors of distinction.  Achieving the first level or Silver status were 4 clubs, achieving the second or Gold level status were 12 clubs and 5 clubs achieved that high honor in level 3 of being a Platinum Club…CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?
  • 28 Clubs applied for a District Grant, and 28 clubs received a District Grant.  Grants awarded amounted to $51,300.  Clubs matched this with $70,270.  So, almost $121,600 was spent on community service projects right here in North Missouri.  We did a lot of great and wonderful things for our communities.
  • 2019 Shoes For Orphans Soul Roll Call noted:  Over 19,000 pairs of shoes were donated to children everywhere (led by the Richmond Rotary Club with 3,116 pairs of shoes donated, which is an all-time high for any club in any year), 3,744 pairs of socks, 1,578 pairs of shoelaces and $12,772 in cash donations…FANTASTIC!
  • Lastly, my home club of Chillicothe became a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club…nicely done Chillicothe Rotary.  This makes me very PROUD. 
Some of my favorite moments:
  • I had my very own song sung to me at Independent Rotary, “Old McCoy Had A Farm“.
  • Schuyler County Rotary discovered I am not a morning person and moved their 6:30 AM meeting to 6:30 PM. Wasn’t that sweet?
  • Maryville’s longtime member, Bill Adams, offered me a kiss when I attended their meeting. It was a Hersey’s kiss… Did he know I love chocolate?!?  Later I even played his favorite song on the piano, "Home on the Range".
  • Maryville also celebrated their 90th Anniversary and Scotland County their 40th, what a great year to celebrate good things happening in Rotary.
  • And look out because Chillicothe Rotary will celebrate 100 years of service this coming year.  Look for a heck of a party on April 4, 2020! 
 To all my Club Presidents, District Officers, Committee Chairs, Committee members and District 6040 Rotarians, congratulations and thank you for your tireless efforts and your great work on behalf of Rotary. 
So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye.  I leave and heave a sigh and say I wish my good friend and Rotary Colleague, Marc Horner, well on his journey as your District Governor during 2019-2020 on the Greatest Show on Earth as Rotary Connects the World!
Julie McCoy
District Governor 2018-19