Dear Rotarians in District 6040,
It is my pleasure to introduce you to the your Guatemala shoe team:  Steve Hemphill (Liberty), Mary Comstock (Unionville), Joan Hickman (St. Joe #32), Julie McCoy (Chillicothe), Valerie Anderson (NKC), Joan Caulfield and Alan Warne (KC Club #13). 
Rotarians from District 6040 traveled to Guatemala for a week long adventure in July.  We outfitted 1,200 children with shoes and socks.  In addition, we spent time playing with them.  Story time, crafts, recreation and hygiene were all area the kids really enjoyed.  Buckner is truly a wonderful partner to our district.  They are making sure our shoes go to kids that are truly in need.
Do you need a club program?  Feel free to call on anyone of this team to come to your club.  It was an experience none of us will ever forget.  It was heartwarming to see a child’s smile when we placed the shoes on their feet.  To them shoes and socks are a wonderful gift.  I look forward to continuing the Shoes for Orphan’s Soul program this year.  And, I will return to Guatemala again some day.
I was given this pair of shoes and challenged by Larry Lunsford to find a small child to wear them.  Guess what?  Here is Melody who was all smiles when I put these on her feet.  She kept tapping them on the pavement to see them “light up”.  And, as she walked by me numerous times during the afternoon, I would get a really nice, big hug!  So, Thanks Larry for your foresight in creating our “Shoes For Orphan’s Souls” project.  The effects are touching many lives around the globe.
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Rotarian Spotlight

by Julie McCoy, District Governor 2018-19
District 6040 has some amazing and inspiring Rotarians.  I’d like to introduce you to your District Leadership Team by spotlighting a few of them each month.  
These two are definitely an inspiration to me an I look forward to the year ahead.
Frank Dixon is from Liberty Rotary and is our new Membership Chair.  Frank has taken Liberty Rotary from 40-80 members in just a few short years.  He definitely thinks outside the box and I love his creativity and enthusiasm.  He has a lot of great ideas for us at the district level and will be rolling them out during August, which is Membership Month. 
Cassy Venters is not a new face in the district; but, she handles one of the most important jobs as our Foundation Chair.  Her team works on Scholarships, District and Global Grants, Group Study Exchange, Play for Polio and many more areas on behalf of our district.  Even when she’s on vacation, she is plugged in and working on Rotary. 
Meet Martial Thevenot from Saint Joe southside rotary. Martial is our district trainer this year and he has done a fabulous job. I can’t wait until the real because the agenda just looks fabulous.
We're very excited to announce that the ClubRunner Mobile App is available for download!  The ClubRunner Mobile App is your key to connect to your club and district on the go! Completely, free to download and use, this app will let you access the key info you need while you're on the go. Password protected just like your website, the ClubRunner Mobile app allows you to view your member directory, contact your members and executives, read the latest articles posted to your website, learn more about your upcoming events and speakers, view your meeting details and track your attendance statistics, right from your smartphone or tablet!
To download the app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play, simply type in 'ClubRunner' in the search bar. Our mobile app is compatible with all versions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch sets that have iOS 8.0 or later and with versions of Anrdoids that are 4.0.3 or better.
Taking pictures that best represent your club or club project can be challenging, but with a little guidance, you can start creating memorable images that will effectively tell your club's story.  Check out this article that appeared in the Rotary Brand newsletter from the July issue.
Photo Albums
Around District 6040
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
Group Study Exchange
Just ask any of last years GSE team about their trip to Chile and you will immediately see smiles across their faces.  Alan Van Zandt (St. Joe East), Leslie Gasser (KC #13), Rolfe McCoy (Chillicothe) and Ernesto Marquez are pictured here along with the beautiful scenery in Chile. 
Are you interested in going to Australia this year?  It is not too late to apply.  Contact Rolfe McCoy for an application at
This is the month!  AUGUST.  The official Rotary Month for Membership.   And as RI President Barry Rassin reminds us: "to make our world better it must start with "us" and our families and our own clubs".   What better way, to make a giant step forward for mankind, than coming together and reinforcing our passions, our dreams, our visions for a happier, healthier, more joyous, more prosperous and more Peace-filled World.  The R.E.A.L. training event on August 18th, in Chilicothe, MO, is setting a stage to INSPIRE & BE INSPIRED to doing just that.  
Here is the link to register:
Capture the Moment in Hamburg
At our 2019 convention, Rotary members become insiders — the first to discover the latest news, along with the ideas and strategies that drive Rotary. Whether it’s a chance meeting at the House of Friendship that leads to a new project partner, or a speaker who inspires you to take action, you’ll find plenty of excitement around you. Interact with people whose ideas are transforming lives.
Discover insightful perspectives from world-renowned speakers, engage in stimulating breakout sessions, and explore innovative solutions to community problems. Whether you’ve just joined Rotary or you’re an experienced member, our annual convention is an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in diverse cultures and develop rich relationships. Connect with influential peers from across the globe and deepen your friendships with members who share your desire for meaningful action.  Register today at:
It's Membership Month
August is Membership Month for Rotary.  Many District 6040 clubs have set goals for the new year, to help the achieve the district goal of 250.  There are many ways to "be the Inspiration" of Rotary to attract good people.  Active plan and goal for your club or establish and sponsor a Community Rotaract Club.  Also, another way is to analyze a need in your community and start a Satellite club.  That is exactly what the good Rotarians of St. Joe are doing.
They have strategized and planned for an evening Satellite club to be sponsored by all the St. Joe Rotary clubs.  They have met many times and are actively recruiting and entertaining potential Rotarians.  The exciting part is they are collaborating and increasing membership and spreading the gift of Rotary.  This inspiration is what Rotary and service are all about.  The ability for potential members in the area to select another venue/location to join will surely attract more.  We look forward to the results.  Wait a minute....they did not stop there.  They reached out to the newest and fast growing Waldo-Brookside Club to hear their story of a meeting and dinner.  Many ideas were shared over a meal, how awesome is that.  This story will hopefully inspire you to reach out to other clubs to collaborate and gain ideas.  There is also an easy way to get more ideas REAL training is just around the corner Saturday August 18th to hear clubs share their stories of success,  it will be a meeting of collaboration, not a typical presentation.  Checkout the membership information at the link below.
Also,  in addition to REAL, an invite will go out to hear an additional story from RI's Andrew Kerr on Monday August 20th at 530pm.  It will be brief sharing from Andrew and then a chance to ask questions.  Interactive and collaborative.  So Membership Chairs look for the invite and be sure to accept or have someone join in your place.
Who is Dr. Jay Craig
He is a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow, a member of the Paul Harris Society, a Sustaining Member, Past President of the Rotary Club of Bristow, and a graduate of the Rotary District Leadership Academy. He is a member of the District Club Visioning Team, and is a Facilitator and Evaluator at Mid America PETS. He went on a Rotary Wheel Chair Mission to La Paz Mexico. He also volunteers to be the RYLA Camp Doctor every year. He attended the Rotary International Convention in Seoul, Korea, as well as the International Convention in Atlanta, Ga.  He was selected as a Paul Harris Society Coordinator for the State of Oklahoma.
Jay was named the 2016, District 6110 Assistant Governor of the Year, and has since been elected as the District Governor Nominee.  He will be serving as the District Governor in 2020-2021.
He is very proud of his Native American heritage, and of being an official Warrior of the Comanche Nation. He performs his Native American Program for clubs all over our district, as well as other districts.
Now, sit back and enjoy a visit with a Comanche Warrior at the District 6040 Conference in October.  
Spreading the Rotary Word Cooperatively
During the last quarter of the 2017-18 Rotary year District 5710 invited our Rotary District to participate in a joint Public Image Campaign to raise awareness and perhaps boost interest in membership in Rotary. Since our Districts split the Kansas City metro media market, it made sense to support the collaborate effort. The effort was initiated, planned and conducted by several Rotarians in District 5710, spearheaded by Pat O’Donnell the District 5710 Public Image Chair.  Individual clubs and Districts 5710, 6040, 5670, and 5690 with a huge assist from RI, funded and monitored the campaign.
All the media spots direct viewers/listeners to “ ”  RI Staff track the site and provide details on the number of leads received and which club they were referred to.  While the results are yet to be tabulated, the spirit of cooperation and the pooling of resources reflect how Rotarians accomplish tasks. The following reflects the outlets utilized in the campaign.  
Summary of Campaign:
  • 7 Billboards placed along major highways with at least one in each District
  • 5 public Radio stations (KCUR-Kansas City, KPR-Lawrence, KHCC-Hutchinson, KTWU -Topeka and KMUW in Wichita)  running our message during morning and evening drive time
  • KTWU public television in Topeka is running the :25 second video with an end slate
  • Video running on low-power tv stations covering much of the rural area within these districts.  This also may hit some folks who have cut the cable cord.
  • The same video is running on the large screen at the 7 Billboards are up along major highways with at least one in each District
  • The same video is running on the large screen at Community America Ballpark home of the Kansas City T-Bones
  • We placed the 10 Second video as a “pre-roll ad” on video’s running on the Kansas City Star and Wichita Eagle newspapers
  • The 10 sec. video is running on Facebook and Instagram, and District FB pages
  • The same video is on the Topeka Capital Journal website.
  • The 10 sec. video is running on Facebook and Instagram, and District FB pages
  • Rotarians have posted the video on their own Facebook pages and Club pages
August Foundation Moment
Longer-term Rotarians often talk about using their Foundation Points and newer Rotarians sometimes look confused as they listen to this discussion.
What are Foundation Recognition Points and Who Has Them?  Foundation recognition points (sometimes just referred to as Points) are awarded to donors who contribute to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) through the Annual Fund/SHARE or PolioPlus or who contribute to sponsorship of a Foundation grant.  Donors receive one recognition point for every U.S. dollar contributed to these funds.   So every donor to TRF has points. 
What can I do with points?  Points can be transferred to other individuals to help them qualify as a Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) or Multiple Paul Harris Fellow.   Many donors match the contributions of Rotarians to help them reach giving goals.  Such offers might be a gift of 100 points for a $100 contribution.  Or a donor may give 600 points to an individual for a $400 contribution so that someone becomes a Paul Harris Fellow.  Paul Harris Fellows are individuals that contributed $1,000 or more to TRF over a period of years.  Multiple Paul Harris Fellows have contributed increments of $1,000 and may be a PHF+1 (contributed $2,000) or PHF +2 (contributed $3,000) and so on
So, how do I get or give Foundation Recognition Points?  A minimum of 100 Foundation recognition points must be transferred at a time, and the donor must complete and sign the Recognition and Transfer Request. (Write to David McCaughey at to obtain the form.   Points are often donated in honor of service work in which an individual is engaged – perhaps someone who has headed the club’s signature project for many years.  Each donor decides how he or she wants to honor someone in using points.  Recipients do not need to be Rotarians and some individuals donate points to honor community leaders who have supported Rotary projects.  These are excellent public image occasions. 
Do the points ever expire?  The points are available for the life of the Rotarian donor.  If the donor was a Major Donor (contributing $10,000 or above), the surviving spouse/partner maintains control of the Foundation recognition points during the survivor’s lifetime. 
How do I find out how many points I have?  Your club foundation chair, secretary, or president, district annual fund chair or district foundation chair can view the online Club Recognition Summary and find your point total.   Through you're My Rotary account, you can view your personal contribution history, recognition amount and available Foundation recognition points. 
For more information, contact the District Annual Fund Chair, David McCaughey at  
Next Month:  Points Match program details for 2018-19.