Special Edition- Group Study Exchange

Welcome to the GSE Team from Australia

Rotarians and Rotary Clubs in our District enjoy participating in the Group Study Exchange Program.  This year District 6040 has partnered with District 9520 for the exchange.  
Our friends from District 9520 arrived on March 30 and will be with us till April 29th.  "The Group Study Exchange program offers a great opportunity for Rotarians across the globe to connect with one another," said Julie McCoy, District Governor.  

Meet the GSE Team from District 9520

Arthur Manser, Rotary Club of St. Peters
Arthur Manser, joined the Rotary Club of Modbury in 1983 when he was the Hope Valley Newsagent.  Arthur was President of the Rotary Club of Berri twice and was presented with a Paul Harris Fellow and Sapphire while there.  He was District Governor in 2005/2006 and he is currently a member of the Rotary Club of St. Peters.  
Amber Shreeve, Rotary Club of Holdfast Bay
Amber is a police officer and has worked for South Australia Police for the last 15 years, working in a variety of postings throughout her career.  Amber is currently a Domestic Violence Investigator, having worked in the field since 2011.  
Katherine (Kally) Hooper, Rotary Club Seaford
Kally is a registered nurse working for SA Pathology in South Australia.  Kally has a passion for empowerment through education, and has completed a post graduate certificate in Nurse Education.  Kally is a founding member of Let's Talk Onkaparingo, a suicide prevention network.  
Rose Le, Rotary Club of Unley
As a former government advisor on cyber security, defense and space industries, Rose understands the urgency of protecting personal data in a networked world.  Rose is currently working at data security start-up A Backbone Computing Solution.  
Stacey Andary, Rotary Club of Encounter Bay
Stacey works for the Education Department as a Program Facilitator and Youth Worker.  She teaches creative arts, music, literacy, and numeracy, personal and career development programs as well as individualized case management at an alternative learning campus.  

About District 9520

Rotary International District 9520 covers part of four mainland states of Australia and is about 800 miles long and 250 miles wide.  There are at present 49 Rotary clubs with a total membership of approximately 1250 Rotarians.  
Stretching from the city of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, to the western sectors of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, the District takes in both banks of the Murray River, the nation's longest river.  



April 1-6 --- Afternoon of Monday, April 1 until Saturday, April 6, the group will be with the Kansas City east metro area clubs: Raytown, Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit Sunrise, and be with homestays in this area.

April 6-9 --- At lunch at the Waldo Pizza in KC on Saturday, April 6 the group will meet their next hosts from the Waldo–Brookside Club.


April 9-12--- The Kansas City Club for breakfast and transfer to next hosts from April 9-12.  


April 12-14--Intercontinental Hotel on the Plaza area of Kansas City for 2 nights for a retreat.  


April 14-18--- With the Plaza Club until Thursday morning, April 18. Before leaving Kansas City, a visit to Rotary Kansas City 13 the Downtown Club for lunch.


April 18-21---With the Chillicothe Club, home District Governor, Julie McCoy.


April 21-26---  Kirksville for your meetings.  On April 26  to meet the Shoes for Orphan Souls Caravan.  


April 26-29---On Saturday, April 27, the District 6040 Assembly will be held and then with the Cameron Club.  

Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.

Districts 6040-4060 Group Study Exchange 2020