Upcoming District Events
Club Officers Technology Training
Adair County Ambulance District
Apr 24, 2019
5:45 PM – 7:45 PM
District Assembly
Apr 27, 2019
District 6040 District Assembly
Cameron Missouri YMCA
Apr 27, 2019
9:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Club Officer Technology Training
Perka Building
Apr 30, 2019
5:45 PM – 7:45 PM
Club Officers Technology Training
Mark One Electric
May 01, 2019
5:45 PM – 7:45 PM
Kansas City South Rotary Club 10th Annual Reverse Raffle and Auction
Armacost Museum
May 04, 2019
5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Rotary Faces Around the District
District 6040’s GSE committee is proud to announce the selection of Melissa Koch as team leader Australia 2019.  She is a member of St. Joseph East Club.  She is a past president She is CEO/Owner of MAK Consulting LLC of St. Joseph, Missouri.  
Rotary Day at the ZOU
Do you like football?  Enjoy watching the Tigers play?  I am an avid Mizzou football fan and I would love for you to join me at the 2018 Rotary Day at the Mizzou Stadium.  We will be gathering for the Mizzou/Kentucky game on October 27th.  The game time is yet to be decided; but don't worry.  Chillicothe Rotary will be hosting a tailgate before the game in Lot N or at the NW corner of Champions Drive.  The Leamer brothers are known far and wide for their tailgate experiences.  So, we'd love for you to join us before the game too.
The link to purchase tickets is noted below.  Mizzou has given us a reduced ticket price of $40 each and a block where we can all sit together.  Mizzou will handle the ticket sale, collect the money and also send you the tickets.  If you have any troubles or have any questions, please direct them to Austin Tinnes from Mizzou Athletics at 573-771-5546 or  
Photo Albums
Around District 6040
Russell Hampton
Are You Ready for the McCoy/Horner Food Fight?
We have divided up the clubs in the district into two teams to raise money, food and awareness for the food banks in NW Missouri.  Your club will receive 1 point for each pound of food donated, 4 points for each dollar donated and 10 points for each hour spent working in a food pantry.  Chad Higdon of Andrew County Rotary is coordinating this effort and can be reach for questions.  He will also be tabulating the results of the contest which are due by October 19th.  He can be reached at or 816-261-6888.  So get excited and help our efforts to Feed Missouri First.
Membership Update
The official district-wide membership campaign of Each One Reach One was launched at REAL in Chillicothe, August 18th.  Over 80 Rotarians where present to get the year really rolling.  The Each One Reach One campaign centers around our district growing by 250 with new lively and inspired Rotarians.  So, check and double check that your membership goal is entered in Rotary Club Central on  Your goals help your district leaders and membership chair track progress toward goals and provide assistance where needed.  Get your membership plan together as the Each One Reach One has some great rewards,  Small, Medium and Large club category winners with largest percent growth will get $1,250. In the same categories the Rotarians who sponsor the most new members will receive a very nice Each One Reach One Rotary 6040 lined jacket.  If you are inspired it will show and during your membership drives.
District Conference-Coming October 26
Come hear the Stories of Success from fellow Rotarians at your District Conference.  Featured speaker, Thaddeus Rex, will entertain us with, "The Science of Charisma".  In his presentation he will tell you how to make your club more compelling and how to double your membership.  You won’t want to miss this, come hear his story, Friday October 26th, 2018 at Harrah’s Casino.
Rotary District 6040 2018 Foundation Dinner
Looking for an opportunity to spend a fun evening visiting with fellow Rotarians and their guests while celebrating club achievements and learning about club projects?  Please join us at the annual District 6040 Foundation Dinner, Friday October 26, starting at 5:00 pm with cocktails and silent auction, followed by dinner and program.  The event will be held at Harrah’s Casino, North Kansas City.  Thank you to all who responded to our survey as to what you enjoy in a Foundation Dinner.  We are responding to your valued input and the evening will include -
                 *An engaging, inspiring and informative speaker – Jean Irwin-Hatfield, former Ambassadorial Scholar and Teacher of the Deaf
                 *More recognition of your club achievements and sharing of your club projects
                 *An extended cocktail hour for socializing and a delicious dinner
Registration for the event is open.  Please visit to register and for more information.  Please email District Foundation Chair Cassy Venters ( with questions.
Rotary International Convention
You’re invited to attend the 2019 Rotary International Convention, 1-5 June in Hamburg, Germany, where together, we will Capture the Moment.
The Rotary Convention offers something for all members. It’s where Rotarians unite and take action to create positive, lasting change in the world. Whether you’re new to our club or a longtime member, you’ll have an unforgettable experience at the convention. Visit to learn what’s planned.
Here are some reasons you should attend:
  • You’ll discover new ideas and gain new skills from a variety of engaging speakers and breakout sessions.
  • You’ll hear fresh perspectives and learn about Rotary projects from all over the world in the House of Friendship.
  • You’ll experience the blend of historical and contemporary culture that makes Hamburg such a distinctive place.
  • You’ll learn the latest news, ideas, and strategies that drive Rotary.
  • You’ll connect with people of action from around the globe.
  • You’ll come back inspired, excited, and rejuvenated.
Members often return from the convention ready to increase their Rotary service. I’m confident you’ll come away with the same feeling.
With your help, we can make this the most successful convention ever. Be sure to register before 15 December for the best rates. Register now at!
Play for Polio
Last year District 6040 Clubs raised over $83,900 for Polio.  In addition we raised over $100,000 through Play for Polio and $300,000 with the Gates Foundation match.  This year clubs are asked to set a fundraising goal to help District 6040 raise $35,000.  How can you do that?  Designate a champion, a person who will communicate the details, motivate the club members, coordinate the process, and calculate the fundraising.  You can plan fun events during the month of September such as golf, bowling, softball, pickelball, poker tournament, disc golf, etc.  Collect your donations by September 30th and send them to The Rotary Foundation.  Don't forget to send your total monies raised to  
With over 100 attendees - it is being hailed as one of the best attended and most "inspiring" training event in our District to date!  With the right Energy, the right LEADERSHIP, a CLEAR vision and a hockey stick - it's amazing what can be accomplished!   Two minutes for "hooking" our hearts, eh?

The theme was to change the MUSIC so we can change the Dance to take better care of our Membership Experience to Inspire the Inspired to Inspire!   

A big HUGE Thank You goes out to our DG - Julie the REAL McCoy for leading the choreographing of the event, and to the LEADERSHIP TEAM and Presenters who went ALL IN 110%.   Also, and especially, to all those who took action to wake up, pray up, wash up, dress up, prep up, drive up and SHOW UP on a warm August Saturday morning in Chillicothe MO!    Everyone rose to the call and moved the yardsticks forward seeking out solutions to further our quest for NEW MUSIC for Rotary and our world!!  All this towards a NEW Dance for MORE Peace, Joy, Health, Compassion, FUN, Harmony, Prosperity, Abundance, LOVE!!! (Just to name a few...).
The speed networking portion was a rousing success - with groups of roughly 10 Rotarians, moving through 11 different topic tables at the sound of a SOFT bell.  It was poetry in motion!  A true dance of harmonic proportions - as everyone gathered information, inspirations and thought provoking outside the non-existent box ideas to make this new music EPIC!

Then we broke out into one of 5 different sessions in three separate time slots --  co-creating, cooperating, harmonizing, collaborating, learning, growing, inspiring and being inspired to reach for new notes - new pitches - new rhythms to evolve our song and our music ever more...   we are on to something!
As the new Vision directive from Rotary International Headquarters says -- TOGETHER - UNITED we CAN do this... for lasting change.  Rotarians have an abundantly generous SPIRIT - and when we couple that with the almost limitless energy, ingenuity and enthusiasm for ACTION --  boom-cha-ka-la-ka - a whole new SYMPHONY will be heard and people will be dancing in the streets ALL OVER THE WORLD!!  
Yes or YES????  (We'll see it when we believe it!!)
Our world is RIPE for some New Music and a New Dance...  let's join together in ways like we have never done before and co-create the SYNERGY, at new quantum levels, to make the paradigm shift we've been dreaming about for years... 

Service Above Self
On Sunday, July 22, I was truly able to act up the Rotary ideal of “Service Above Self.”  On that day, I was blessed to lay the cornerstone of the new teacher’s quarters at St. Kizito Namusera Primary School in the Wakiso district of Kampala, Uganda.  A pretty big step for a Rotarian from Higginsville, MO Rotary Club in District 6040. Leading up to that moment were many events in the life of new Rotarian.  I am an educator by profession.  Mike Warneke has been a family friend for 18 years, but in the past six years he has grown an international non-profit organization - Fields of Dreams Uganda - whose mission is to provide hope to the orphaned and vulnerable children of Uganda through the vehicles of soccer and education.  Through this organization I was able to travel to Uganda this July with Mike and 10 other individuals. 
I asked Mike how Rotary could help the children of Uganda and he suggested the building of a teacher’s quarters at a primary school.  Education in Uganda is vastly different than in the United States.  It is typical for primary school class sizes to exceed 50 students.  Teachers in Uganda make the equivalent of $120 a month and if they don’t live on campus, they can spend 60% of that on transportation costs.  Additionally, at St. Kizito, no teachers lived on campus and they dealt with additional issues of stolen latrine doors (corrugated tin) and light bulbs.
The Higginsville, Missouri Rotary club, of which I am a proud member, issued me a $5000 challenge grant to confront this challenge.  That was met with $5000 of donations from local individuals and what resulted was a $10,000 donation to provide the capital necessary to construct a four-unit  masonry building using local Ugandan materials and contractors.  Each unit will have a bedroom, a living space, and a small cooking/storage area.  The staff of St. Kizito and Fields of Dreams Uganda honored me by letting me lay the cornerstone.  Once that was done, the true work ethic of the Ugandan people was in full display.  Because of overwhelming community support, the project is currently ahead of schedule with dedication tentatively set for September 25th.
While in Uganda, I was able to connect with and meet members of the Wakiso Rotary Club and Gulu Rotary Club, both of Uganda.  I was honored to give them both a club banner, but since their meetings were the same night and time, I was only able to attend the Gulu meeting.  There I had one of the most pleasant surprises of my trip.  I was able to meet John Mary, possibly the only Royals fan in Uganda, and a recent graduate of Rockhurst University.
This trip was one of the most meaningful events of my life and I was so happy that I could share my Rotary connection with new friends in Uganda.
Chillicothe Rotary Provides Handicapped Accessible Playground
In May 2018, the Chillicothe Rotary Club, with the help of the City of Chillicothe, the Rotary Foundation and the Chillicothe Rotary Foundation, purchased and installed three pieces of handicapped accessible playground equipment in Simpson Park.  Mike Palmer, 2017-2018 Chillicothe Club President, was instrumental in getting this partnership together and ensuring that the equipment was installed. 
The total project cost was approximately $8500.  Chillicothe Club members provided additional assistance to the City of Chillicothe park employees for the installation.
Two inclusive swings and an inclusive revolution spinner will now be available to make Simpson Park more accessible to children of all ages and ability levels.
Our Club is proud to improve our parks and our community!
Princeton Rotary Youth Turkey Calling 
Princeton Rotary Club hosted a Youth Turkey Calling Competition this past spring. Princeton Rotary started this event about 15 years ago.  It ran consecutively for 9 years. Our present Rotary Club has revived the event with the addition of a few more programs.  Princeton High School archery students competed in an archery tournament during the event in the elementary gym.  We will also had a trophy deer display for those who wish to display their trophies for the kids and attendees.  
The local Conservation Agent was there with information about the MDC’s programs.  Admission was free to the event.  Entries to the contests was $5 each.  There was a silent auction of some great outdoor clothing, hats, gear, tree stands, blinds, etc. which was pictured on our Club’s Facebook page.  We had over 100 in attendance and the event was a huge success raising over $3,000 for our club.
Andrew County Rotary Mexican Fiesta
Andrew County Rotary hosted the annual Mexican Fiesta on May 4th outside on the square in Savannah, MO. The annual event is held to raise funds to support rotary projects as well as engage the community to become involved in Rotary. Rotarians sold tickets to guest for a fajita bar and a margarita or soda, entertained with live music, a piñata  and the entire evening was complimented with beautiful weather. 
This year the club added a .05K Margarita Run to the evening. Participants young and old paid the entry fee of $10 to enter the 164 feet race. With their entry fee they received a free margarita or beverage of their choice and a car decal to show the world their accomplishment. The community came out in great support and are looking forward to next years event.