June 29, 2020
Shoes Enthusiasts across District 6040 –
As usual, all of you have exceeded all expectations.
Our three-day caravan, stretched over two weekends, is successfully in the books.  It was truly great to see so many Rotarians over the course of this year’s Shoes Caravan.
I think it was a very nice way to end this Rotary year.  My thanks to Governor Marc Horner, and to our Shoes Caravan Captain John Gill.
We collected so many pairs of shoes it took us 44 minutes to unload our 53’ trailer into the UPS trailer on Saturday afternoon in North Kansas City.  (It sure is nice to have rollers in the trailers!)
I know we always enjoy the Shoes Roll Call of Clubs to see the results of our collective efforts, and we’ll hope for a time real soon to do that Roll Call.
But please know that we’ve done quite, quite well.  I kept mentioning to Rotarians on the caravan route that I was hopeful for 13,000-15,000 pairs of shoes, even during a pandemic.
My feeling is that all of us will be quite pleased with the results.
Please thank your club members personally for me this week.
Congratulations to each of our Rotary Clubs for your support and engagement for this service project.  I look forward to our 20th anniversary year together with your clubs in 2020-2021.  District 6040 remains in the shoes business, assisting orphan and vulnerable children around the world.
Larry Lunsford
Your Shoes Cheerleader