The Rotary Clubs of Kansas and Missouri are thrilled to present the 1st annual Students Stopping Traffic contest.  This competition invites students to use their endless creativity to help end child trafficking in our communities.  Why is this competition so important?  Child trafficking is all too easy to ignore.  Too often, we believe it can only happen overseas, far away from our friends, family, and community.  That's a dangerous myth. 
In fact, child trafficking is happening right here in Kansas and Missouri.  
Contest Overview: Students will work independently or in teams using their creativity to stop child trafficking.  Submission ideas can be:  An advertising campaign educating kids on signs to look for.  A live event that puts a spotlight on child trafficking.  A social media initiative getting other kids to join the cause and share information.  Or something even bigger that no one has thought of yet!  Even a small idea can turn into the winning idea that sparks change. 
Go to the website to learn more. Cash prizes go toward school projects.  However, the ultimate reward:  Saving kids from trafficking.