Posted by Dan Hall on Apr 05, 2019
Our District 6040 has accepted the RI District 2241 (2241 includes Romania and Moldova) invitation to visit their district on the dates they proposed:  the first day to be Sunday, 29 of September 2019, and the ending day to be 11 of October 2019, on Friday morning. Our District 6040 team will be in Romania/Moldova for 12 nights divided into three locations, with four nights in every area. 
We will stay in the homes of Romanian Rotarians while visiting their District 2241. Our Rotary District 6040 Friendship Exchange Team will consist of twelve persons (six couples). They request only couples, not single persons, as the makeup of our team going to Romania/Moldova.
The Romania/Moldova Friendship Exchange Team is invited to come to our District 6040 (Missouri, USA) in the Spring of 2020. We tentatively are considering the dates of arrival here on Sunday, April 19 and departing on Friday, May 1, 2020. 
Here is some pertinent information about a Rotary Friendship Exchange: 
1) In a Friendship Exchange each person is responsible for his or her own air travel costs. 
2) Once in-country, in both Romania and in the USA, the exchange team members are provided food, and lodging in the homes of Rotarians who are (if possible, but not required) a participant in the other team. 
3) Each District Friendship Exchange Team is responsible for in-country transportation and making tour arrangements, of interesting sites and cultural attractions, plus visiting Rotary Clubs, as time permits. 
4) The deadline for couples wishing to go to Romania is July, 1, 2019.
5) For Friendship Exchange Information:  <>