As you may be aware Australia has been undergoing a severe drought for the last decade and brush fires are currently active in all of the states.  It is a huge country so this involves a tremendous area.  Imagine if  brush fires were to break out in most of the continental United States at the same time.  That is a roughly equal to what they are facing. Fires have now spread into South Australia and Tasmania.  I mention those two provinces specifically because I have been in contact with their District Governors to see if we can be of any assistance. I know DG Tim Klar (D9520) and DG Michael Cooke (D9830) from my District Governor training and you may remember the Group Study Exchange team that visited us from D9520 during IPDG Julie McCoy's year.  They were well  received here and they treated our outbound team very well too.
If this is a situation where you or your club would like to offer financial support there is a  website you can go to to make donations.  They have a Rotary program set up to assist with the drought relief and the bush fires, it is called Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) . If you go into the website it will direct you to the areas to leave donations, the donations can go directly to specific areas in need. If you want your donation to help the D9520 South Australia group you can select the Adelaide Hill bushfire fund and click on the donate button.As with all Rotary programs, all monies raised go to the cause.