A new Rotary year is upon us. The 2012-13 Rotary year promises to be filled with high expectations, work, excitement and, most importantly, FUN.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Past District Governor Dan Hall for his friendship, tutelage, tireless work for District 6040, and his undying love of Rotary. My wife Donna and I will always be a good friend to Dan and Phyllis. Always the teacher, he answered my questions quickly, calmly and accurately. He was supportive of everyone on his team of officers and directors and I will rely on him more than he knows....or wants. I have learned a lot from PDG Dan Hall. Thank you Dan Hall for your hard work and dedication.

There are many great things to build on for the 2012-13 Rotary year.  Our district experienced growth last year and we will work toward more growth.  Retaining our members will be a priority we all must share.  Understanding all of the different Rotary Foundation programs will also be a priority.  We will have each club keep track of all their projects so at the end of the year we can look back and see the enormous impact we have made in our communities. 

I encourage every Rotarian to proudly wear their Rotary Pin.  What a great way to in-expensively advertise the worlds greatest humanitatian service organization.  We all should be proud to be Rotarians...I am.

Thank you Ted Meyer for inviting me to Rotary many years ago.

Yours in Rotary Fellowship and Service,

Kenneth E. (Kenny) Harris
District Governor 2012-13