Rotary District 6040 is a contributor  year in and year out to the Rotary Zones 30-31 Heart to Heart (Mexico) projects.  There is a diverse listing of projects that take place and our District is proud to be part making differences around the world.  These seven global grants total $832,030, and the Rotary Foundation match comprises $407,425 of that total. 
Holtz- Beahon Kidney Transplant Program 2020 (GG 2091799) – We will continue our work with several partners to provide life- saving kidney transplants for adults and teens who are economically disadvantaged. This will be our eighth global grant with District 4170 for kidney transplants. The grant is budgeted for 110 kidney transplants at about $3,000 each plus financial support for patients who need medicine that is not provided by the government. Recent trends of hospital support and currency exchange suggest that we might supply about 170 transplants with these funds. The estimated budget is $396,000. US sponsor is District 6820 MS.
Hospital equipment and supplies phase 3 project CURE (GG 2091800) – This project will supply three containers of re-purposed medical equipment and supplies (provide through Project CURE) at several hospitals in District 4170. These public hospitals have a service base of several million people with little or no medical insurance coverage or economic means. The budget is $78,000. US sponsor is Imperial, NE District 5630.
Autism early detection treatment and research (GG 2091802) – In alliance with the Azul autism foundation of Mexico, the Mixcoac club in District 4170 would support a research and treatment program that can help in early detection of autism, which impacts an estimated 1.5 million families in Mexico. The concept is to model a successful pioneer program in Europe by using two specialists from Spain to help in training and research. The project would involve three hospitals over a three year period. During this period, research would be done while treating children with autism challenges. The estimated budget is $150,000. The US sponsor is District 6510 IL.
Equipment for treatment of scoliosis in children and adolescents (GG 2098036) - The Florida Satelite club in District 4170 is working with specialists at the Lomas Verdes Hospital to provide free surgeries for severe cases of scoliosis in children. The grant project would supply 70 reusable orthopedic corsets to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation. The estimated budget is $36,000. US sponsor is still to be determined.
High school science labs equipment (GG 2098037) - The Vallescondido club in District 4170 is working with a local high school that is renovating for needed labs for biology, chemistry and physics. This grant provides table and equipment for the labs and is a class project of the Zone 30-31 current DGN class. The estimated budget is $78,000.US sponsor is Decatur, IL District 6490.
Nariz Roja center equipment (GG 2094621) – Local Rotarians in District 4140 are working with local agencies to construct a facility to house family members who are visiting sick relatives in the Hospital Civil in Guadalajara. The grant project would provide necessary equipment within that facility. The estimate budget is $60,000. US sponsor is Springfield Sunrise, MO District 6080.
Grade school bathroom renovations (GG 2091804) – The Tlaquepaque Industrial club in District 4140 is working to upgrade bathroom and sanitation conditions and to provide school and community hygiene training in ten rural schools. The budget is $34,030. US sponsor is Cullman AL District 6860. This project is fully funded.