Weston Rotary Club has adopted the Weston Food Pantry and is now in charge of "food for the needy" and helping administer the USDA food program which started earlier this year at West Platte R-II School District as the Rotary Club assisted West Platte personnel.  For the final two weeks of this program the distribution was moved to an outside location as West Platte opened for school this week and traffic demands were better addressed off of the school sight. 
What started out as 80 boxes of fruit and vegetables per week grew to 400 boxes per week and is now at 280 boxes per week of high quality produce.  The program has been well received by the community participants.  Under the leadership of Rotarians Lynn Johnson and Chris Donnelli, this new adventure for Weston Rotary is in good hands.  Along with Chris and Lynn coordinating, 6-8 other Rotary participants are on board. Pictured: Lynn Johnson, Chris Donnelli, Zim Hull on the early morning 2 hour shift September 9.