On Sunday, September 20, at 1:00 PM,  Weston Rotary members, members of the Weston Park Board, City of Weston officials, Rotary District 6040 Governor Don Gladhart, and Weston Chamber had a ribbon cutting to conclude the $14,000 grant obligation  from Weston Rotary and Rotary Foundation.
This grant undertaking was to advance Holladay Park, located in the center of the business district of downtown Weston, into a  more children friendly park.  Improvements were made to improve the park's ability to accommodate a wider range of children age wise and need wise.
Along with the new equipment and concrete work to address accessibility, Rotarians provided $2000.00 of sweat equity to the completion of this project in addition to the grant total.
Weston City Park was renamed Ben Holladay Park over a year ago in recognition of Ben Holladay who came to Weston in 1838, started  the Holladay distillery with brother David, who remained in Weston a lifetime.  Ben built a large hotel where the Weston Museum now sits, was Weston's first postmaster, remained in Weston 21 years, built a 16 room mansion on 60 acres on JJ, and entered the freight and stage business and headed west with transportation business.
Weston Rotary has been somewhat negligent in using grants from Rotary Foundation yearly.  Under the leadership of Rick Stout, Weston Rotary has upped its commitment to doing worthwhile projects in connection with Weston.  To date this  would include the community bathrooms in downtown Weston, a grant to the Weston Museum, and the grant to Holladay Park.  
In the works for next year, Weston Rotary and Rotary Foundation is planning to install very good park benches in the community bathroom area, refurbish and power coat an existing bench, and hopefully add a little handiness for tourists and community. In this grant, Weston Rotary is working with the City of Weston.