Posted by Janet Gooch
Great teachers deserve to be recognized so clubs are encouraged to nominate outstanding teachers in your community who are powerful proponents of literacy and have made significant contributions in the teaching of reading.  The deadline for applications is February 21, 2020.  .  Special consideration will be given to candidates who actively participate in local, state and/or national youth or vocational services, effectively interweave literacy into their involvement in these areas, and positively promote the ideals of Rotary. 
To nominate an individual, your club must complete the attached Application Form and submit all supporting materials by the established deadline of February 21, 2020. The process for selecting your club’s nominee is entirely up to your club. Clubs may opt to hold a local contest to identify a club nominee for the District Award or simply nominate a selected individual based on a club member’s recommendation or the recommendation of a local school principal or superintendent. A District 6040 award winner will be chosen from all submitted applications on or before April 1, 2020. The recipient of the Rotary District 6040 Teacher of the Year Award will be recognized at the Spring District 6040 Conference scheduled for Saturday, April 25, 2020.
Great teachers deserve great rewards, and nothing is more effective than praise and recognition in the form of a community sponsored award. I invite your club to take this opportunity to recognize an outstanding teacher in support of literacy in your community. Balanced and comprehensive literacy means involving the community and community organizations in developing and implementing a systematic, multi-faceted, and integrated plan for promoting literacy. What better way than to support a local teacher who is a powerful proponent of literacy? Please take advantage of this opportunity to support a local teacher and promote the Rotary – Literacy connection.  For more information visit
The following timeline for the award is listed below:
December, 2019         Rotary Clubs are notified of the Rotary District 6040 Teacher of the Year Award, the process and timeline
February 21, 2020      Deadline for Collecting Club Nominations
March, 2020               Applications reviewed by District 6040 Teacher of the Year Award Committee
April 1, 2020              Recipient of the award is chosen and contacted about appearance at District Conference
April 25, 2020            District Conference and presentation of the award