Show Me Rotary Presidents Elect training has been in Jefferson City at the Capital Plaza hotel for many years.  However, throughout those years, the hotel has deteriorated more and more each year.  Last year 75 PE’s responded to a survey saying the hotel was the biggest negative factor in attending PETS.  Two years ago, it was cold and they had no heat.  Last year, it was hot and they had no air conditioning.  Rooms were showing a lot of wear and tear.  I could go on and on; but, the bottom line is, we had to make a change.
Since we had a valid contract for the 2024 SMR year with the Capital Plaza hotel in Jefferson City, we were legally  into obligated into using their hotel.  However, we were allowed to move to another Atrium hotel. Springfield’s University Plaza was the only one that was large enough for us to conduct our event and it is very nice.  The Show Me Rotary council decided it was the best move for the entire state to move the event to Springfield…even though it is much farther for many of us.  For the 2025, 2026, and 2027 years, we are moving to the Holiday Inn Executive Center in Columbia which is more in the center of the state.   So, it is a one year destination for us.
As for the training, we are mixing it up and offering many topics to choose from this year. So, if you are a new Club President or returning club President, you will find topics to help you lead your club next year.   Training events include membership attraction, membership engagement, service projects, public image and social media, polio eradication, different club models for your meetings, and now to get a sense of belonging in your clubs.  We are trying to offer a more hands on approach with things that a President might really use in leading their clubs.
We are offering club officers some really good content and wonderful speakers.  We have shortened the event to a day and a half; and it will be filled with many things that club officers can use.
I would like to encourage club President elects and President Nominees to attend Show Me Rotary as they will learn so much, develop many Rotary friendships and be a better club president.   I think it will be a fantastic event. 
Yours in Rotary Service,
Julie McCoy
SMR President 2024