On a chilly day in October (October 24, 2020) in Kansas City, Missouri two dedicated rotarians from Waldo-Brookside Rotary Club combined their talents and energy to educate and engage visitors to the Brookside Merchants' Harvest Days Event about the on-going war to eradicate polio worldwide.  The two objectives on this World Polio Day were to share information about efforts to eradicate this debilitating and life threatening disease and to share information on how to make donations to this cause directly to the Polio Foundation.
The rotarian designated station in the Brookside Shopping District was conveniently located and polio material and information prominently displayed.  To draw attention to the rotary station information about Waldo-Brookside Rotary Club, including detailing community service projects from the Club's inception five years ago and instructions on how to become a member, were sent out to Brookside Merchants' 2,300 Constant Contact email followers and 9,300 Facebook followers, and their friends.
Although the changing weather discouraged greater attendance,  because of social media,  the goals set for that day by Jesse Jan Martin and Josephine Njoroge were met.