We are excited to announce we are doing the Purple Pinkie Donut program again this year to help raise money for PolioPlus for you and your clubs. 
Over the last 5 years Districts from Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri and Kansas partnered with Dunkin Donuts to give donuts away in exchange for PolioPlus donations.  It has become a very successful campaign and generated over $5,000,000.00.  The Clubs in our District last year raised close to $13,500.00, and with the matches of the District, Rotary International and the Gates Foundation, that turned into almost $102,000.00 for PolioPlus.
Our District leadership has coordinated with several local Dunkin Donuts locations in the KC Area to offer the same program again here in District 6040 again.  A franchise owner who has 7 stores (2 in Missouri and 5 in Kansas) and another franchise owner who has 3 stores in the North Metro KC area, have agreed to work with our District this year. We have the opportunity to coordinate and pickup donuts from Liberty, North Kansas City and the Platte Woods area North of the Missouri River, and Raytown, South Kansas City and a couple of KS locations to get the donuts for us at no cost.
Club leadership received fliers to help provide you and your club with greater detail on the program, but the short version is this;  For a $25 donation to the “End Polio Now” campaign, the donating individual or business receives a box of 10 Long Johns with purple frosting at the end.  The purple frosting at the end is to symbolize the same purple finger nail polish that polio vaccine recipients are given when they have received their vaccination. 
The donuts are “donated” and the full $25 raised goes straight to the cause.  Run some quick math and 500 boxes equates to $12,500.00.  Due to the matching efforts of our District, Rotary International and the Gates Foundation, every $25.00 box of donuts ends up raising $187.50.  That 500 box goal will actually generate $93,500.00 in PolioPlus funds.  Note that any donation given to PolioPlus during this campaign without receiving donuts, will also get the matches of the District, Rotary International and the Gates Foundation. Also, if you purchase 4 boxes, the $100.00 donation would  qualify you to become a District 6040 PolioPlus Society Charter member!
Pre-Order forms need to be sent to kentshelman86@gmail.com by Monday, October 9th please to allow the stores to order supplies for the donuts.
The donuts will be available for pickup on your meeting day during the week of Oct 16th-21st.  To help coordinate on those meeting dates, we will have you pickup or coordinate volunteers to pickup up the donuts from the various Dunkin Donut stores around 6:00 a.m. Will then then have them available to be picked up by someone from your Club at a couple of locations that will be determined, depending on the amount of donuts in each area for each day, at approximately 6:30 a.m.
Any club in the District is welcome to participate, if they are available to pick up the donuts on their meeting dates. We can help coordinate that for you.
Thanks for your continued efforts to raise money for polio eradication and to share the importance of Rotary and its mission in your communities.  Please contact me with any questions.
Kent Shelman
District 6040 Polio Plus Chair           
Immediate Past District Governor 2022-2023