During my very first training session to be a District Governor, It was suggested to select a Past District Governor to be my mentor…and I choose Cassy Venters.  Everything she does, she does well and she does right.  And I knew I would be in good hands.  I know Cassy didn’t have an easy childhood. 
Her father was paralyzed in a work-related accident when she was quite young and he never walked again.  Those were tough times for the family; but, I think it really shaped Cassy’s life and the person she is today.  In everything she has done…be it work…or church…or community…or Rotary, she tries to makes sure she is bettering someone else’s life.  In the process she’s touched so many lives…including mine, many of yours and so many others across the global.
As District Governor last year, I was allowed to nominate one person for the Service Above Self Award and I choose Cassy.  It is awarded to one who through devotion and exemplary efforts, embodies Rotary’s motto of Service Above Self.  That definitely describes Cassy Venters.  So, I am please and proud to announce that Cassy Venters has been selected to receive the Service Above Self Award.  Congratulations Cassy!