Posted by Donald Gladhart on Mar 05, 2019
Last May, the St Joseph area community and the four local clubs were honored to have RI President Ian Riseley come to St Joseph for a day. President Riseley had set a goal as he entered his Presidency of "planting a tree for every Rotarian somewhere in the world (1.2 million trees). The 4 clubs here accomplished the goal. 
The Clubs were just notified recently that they were selected as winners of the 2018 Missouri Arbor Award of Excellence.
The letter said  -
"It is my pleasure to formally notify you that the following N. W. Missouri Rotary Clubs were nominated for, and selected,  as winners of a 2018 Missouri Arbor Award of Excellence for the tree planting projects accomplished from the challenge given by President Ian Riseley of Rotary International:
Rotary of St. Joseph South                                          
Rotary of St. Joseph East              
Rotary of St. Joseph
Andrew County Rotary
A number of partnerships were formed to accomplish the planting projects, and included Forest ReLeaf of Missouri, N. W. Region MCFC, Benton High School Interact students, City of St. Joseph Parks Department, Shared Blessings Community Garden, along with others. In March, each Club will be honored at the Missouri Community Forestry Council Awards Banquet."
May 30, 2018 will be long remembered as a great day in St Joseph Rotary history. And, for many generations to come, the community will enjoy the beauty and shade of the "Rotary Trees". Thanks to all the members who made it happen!