Posted by Martial Thevenot on Aug 30, 2018
With over 100 attendees - it is being hailed as one of the best attended and most "inspiring" training event in our District to date!  With the right Energy, the right LEADERSHIP, a CLEAR vision and a hockey stick - it's amazing what can be accomplished!   Two minutes for "hooking" our hearts, eh?

The theme was to change the MUSIC so we can change the Dance to take better care of our Membership Experience to Inspire the Inspired to Inspire!   

A big HUGE Thank You goes out to our DG - Julie the REAL McCoy for leading the choreographing of the event, and to the LEADERSHIP TEAM and Presenters who went ALL IN 110%.   Also, and especially, to all those who took action to wake up, pray up, wash up, dress up, prep up, drive up and SHOW UP on a warm August Saturday morning in Chillicothe MO!    Everyone rose to the call and moved the yardsticks forward seeking out solutions to further our quest for NEW MUSIC for Rotary and our world!!  All this towards a NEW Dance for MORE Peace, Joy, Health, Compassion, FUN, Harmony, Prosperity, Abundance, LOVE!!! (Just to name a few...).
The speed networking portion was a rousing success - with groups of roughly 10 Rotarians, moving through 11 different topic tables at the sound of a SOFT bell.  It was poetry in motion!  A true dance of harmonic proportions - as everyone gathered information, inspirations and thought provoking outside the non-existent box ideas to make this new music EPIC!

Then we broke out into one of 5 different sessions in three separate time slots --  co-creating, cooperating, harmonizing, collaborating, learning, growing, inspiring and being inspired to reach for new notes - new pitches - new rhythms to evolve our song and our music ever more...   we are on to something!
As the new Vision directive from Rotary International Headquarters says -- TOGETHER - UNITED we CAN do this... for lasting change.  Rotarians have an abundantly generous SPIRIT - and when we couple that with the almost limitless energy, ingenuity and enthusiasm for ACTION --  boom-cha-ka-la-ka - a whole new SYMPHONY will be heard and people will be dancing in the streets ALL OVER THE WORLD!!  
Yes or YES????  (We'll see it when we believe it!!)
Our world is RIPE for some New Music and a New Dance...  let's join together in ways like we have never done before and co-create the SYNERGY, at new quantum levels, to make the paradigm shift we've been dreaming about for years...