Recently, we received an e-mail from a person new to the Rotary organization asking about the age qualification for youth in the various “New Generations” Rotary programs:  “Those international Rotary youth projects are great!  I love international stuff.   Is youth defined as only high school?”

My short answer is “no.”  But to be more precise here is the age rundown for the various Rotary programs designed to serve young adults (from Junior High, High School, Graduate School to Young Professionals):


Rotary Interact youth are 12 to 18 year olds in Jr. &/or Sr. High School.

Rotaract is for people between 18 and 30 years old (after high school or college)

Rotary Youth Leadership Academy
(RYLA) is for high school students entering or just completing their sophomore year.

Rotary Youth Exchange is for students 15 to 25 years old. Short term youth exchange is for a
three week cultural exchange. A Long Term youth exchange is for a year of high school study in a foreign district. Short and Long Term Exchange students may be children or grandchildren of Rotary members.

Rotary Four Way Speech Contest
is for High School Seniors.

Rotary Group Study Exchange (GSE) is for young professionals 24 to 40 years old.

Ambassadorial Scholars are college undergraduates, graduates and professionals.

Rotary Peace Center Scholars are graduate students and professionals (up to 100 fellows at seven universities each year that have a program of study in peace and conflict resolution).