April 28, 2024
The deadline for MOU's and grants qualification training is June 15th, 2024, for application of funds to be distributed during the 2024-2025 Rotary year. The deadline for District grant applications is July 15th, 2024. The Club MOU and District Grant application can be found at > Foundation > Grants. The grants qualification training is located under the District Online Grant Training Requirements tab. 
Reminder...both Club Presidents and Grants Chairs must have completed Grants Qualification Training and your club must have completed a Club Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to apply for any grants. 
Grants are FUN! There is a tremendous feeling of accomplishment when a club completes a community project with the help of a District grant or participates in the creation of opportunities in a far away country with a Global grant.  Rotarian's are #peopleofaction and what a wonderful opportunity it is to promote your brand and your club by showing your community what being a Rotarian; and part of a worldwide community, helps you accomplish.
Make certain your clubs are getting grant qualified and submitting a Memorandum of Understanding to be able to apply for grants.
Please feel free to contact Beth Franklin, District Grants Chair,; Pat Knauss, Global Grants Chair,; or me, Marc Horner, District Rotary Foundation Chair,, if you have any questions or need any assistance. 
Yours in Rotary Service, 
Marc Horner
Rotary District Foundation Chair


Your club can receive funding from The Rotary Foundation for your priority projects.  Large and small, from $500 to $200,000, The Rotary Foundation can assist youSmall local grants are available through the District Grant Program with a maximum grant award of $2,500.00. Larger projects can be funded through Global Grants with a maximum grant award of $400,000.00.  In order for a club to be eligible for grant funds a club must be “Grants Qualified.”

Grants Qualification Training

Please visit our District Online Grant Training Requirements on the District Website under Foundation/Grants to direct you to the Learning Center where you can complete Grants Training.

Contact Beth Franklin at  Grants Chair for more information about Grants Qualification.

Each Rotary Club President and Grant Manager must be trained annually in order or for a club to receive a district or global grant.  


Grant Qualification Training dates will be online this year.

A club grants manager is any Rotary club member, other than the 2024-25 club president, who agrees to:

  • Take District online Grants training 
  • Work with club committees to develop grant applications that meet D6040 and TRF grant guidelines
  • Assist the club president in meeting deadlines
  • Ensure grants are implemented according to all guidelines
  • Ensure that final reports are submitted in the format and by the designated deadlines.


Club Memorandum of (MOU) Understanding must be submitted annually to Beth Franklin, by June 15, 2024.  

District Grants

 Contact Beth Franklin at for more information on any of the Grants below or to schedule a program for your club.

  • District Grants – Your club can receive up to $2,500.00 in matching funds for local projects.  Playground equipment, baseball fields, back-pack programs, hospital equipment, equipment for local charities and other local projects qualify for District Grant funding.


District Grant materials can be found in the files shown on the menu.

District Grant Deadlines in 2024-25

  • June 15, 2024  A completed Club Qualification Memorandum of Understanding is due to Beth Franklin at
  • June 15, 2024 The 2020-21 Club President and Grants Manager must complete Grants Qualification Training.
  • July 15, 2024 Full grant applications will be due.
  • May 31, 2025  Completed Final Grant Reports are due.

Global Grants

Global Grants support large, humanitarian, international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes in Rotary’s seven areas of focus.  Grant sponsors form international partnerships that respond to real community needs.   A key feature of Global Grants is a sponsoring partnership, between the districts or clubs where the activity is carried out and a district or club in another country.  All sponsors must be Grants Qualified before they can submit an application.  The minimum budget for a Global Grant is $30,000.  If you would like to have a global Grant considered for district funding with additional funding from The Rotary Foundation, please download the Global Grant Letter of Intent.  When it is completed, submit it to Pat Knauss, and Marc