Are you a high school student who has dreamed what it would be like to study abroad as a foreign exchange student? The Rotary Youth Exchange program is a low-cost scholarship program tailor-made for you. Almost 10,000 students study abroad every year with Rotary Youth Exchange!
With the Rotary Youth Exchange study abroad programs and scholarships, you will have the opportunity to learn a new language, discover another culture, and truly become a global citizen. You can choose to study abroad for a full academic year or during a gap year immediately following high school graduation before beginning college or university. If going to high school abroad is not your thing (or staying for an entire school year), you could choose a short summer abroad exchange program lasting from a few weeks to a couple of months. Regardless of your choice, the Rotary Youth Exchange study abroad program will be one of your greatest lifetime experiences.
Qualified applicants must be between 15-19 at the time of their departure, must be sponsored by a local Rotary club, and must complete a written application. Both applicant and their parents/guardians must be interviewed in-person. Additionally, before acceptance, applicants must pass medical and dental health exams, submit high school transcripts showing above average performance, and be recommended by a high school teacher or counselor.
Specific application requirements and interview processes may vary between Rotary Districts and Rotary clubs.
How to be a foreign exchange student
The process typically begins almost one year prior to departure (usually September) with information sessions conducted by local Rotary districts or clubs. These sessions are intended for both student and their parents/guardians. After the information session, you will be offered the opportunity to submit an application and both student and their parents will be scheduled for interviews. To find out more about the Rotary Youth Exchange program for high school students to study abroad or when the information sessions are scheduled in your area, CLICK HERE
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