A Rotary project is helping victims of war in Ukraine.  Since the start of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian power grid has been a target of Russian airstrikes.  The Ukrainian power grid is essential for citizens as they depend on it to charge cell phones, a critical lifeline.  Cell phones let people know when to evacuate or take shelter, where they can find food and medical assistance, and how to check on the status of loved ones fighting to defend their country.
Clubs in Colorado and Wyoming (Districts 5440 and 5450) assist Ukrainians by buying and shipping new, small solar panels to a Peace Corp contact in Ukraine.  Volunteers convert the solar panels to the appropriate electrical requirements and write messages of support on the back of the panels.  These converted solar panels provide a relatively inexpensive and portable option for Ukrainians to charge their cell phones. 
Just as importantly, the messages written on the backs of the panels offer words of encouragement and support to Ukrainians who face the consequences of war every day and every night.  The recipients of the solar panels say the simple artwork and messages on the backs of the panels touch them and remind them the world has not forgotten them.
The solar panels cost about $140/panel (including materials and shipping).  Club and community members, including youth, can be involved in the electrical conversion and in drawing simple pictures and messages on the back of the panels. 
Action Step:  For more information on Lifeline for Ukrainians, contact Rotarian Ken Schreuder at kenschreuder@gmail.com.