Membership should always be a priority in our clubs.  Not for the sake of finances or to satisfy any Rotary International policies. Instead, because we need to make sure that our clubs have enough members to provide the services our communities need our clubs to provide.  Every year we have club members die, or move, or decide that Rotary does not provide the value to them that they were looking for when they joined.  That is why membership should always be a priority. Several truths exist that we need to accept to grow our clubs.
  • We can't solve our clubs membership issues by staying with the same old membership plans or no plans at all.
  • We need to make changes to our clubs to make them more attractive to potential members. Changes like dues, locations and times.
    • Not all changes have to be earth shaking. 
  • We need to consider the way we 'sell" Rotary and our clubs to potential members.
    • We are a service organization so we need to find folks who are interested in service and provide that opportunity to them.
We spent the 2020-2021 Rotary year putting together a lot of tools for you to use in the development of your membership plans. The Club Membership Committee Support page on the District 6040 webpage is where you can find them.  Just click on that hypertext. You will find 50 different items all in one place. 
  • Recordings of all of the membership training sessions we held this year.
  • Videos that we utilized in our training and in Zones training.
  • Quick links to Rotary International documents on membership.
    • Documents and information on things like Satellite Clubs, Diversity and Inclusion, Corporate/Organization memberships and orientations and inductions. 
  • Documents we created locally to support your membership efforts.
With these tools and some commitment on your club's part you can build a real effective membership effort. Please pass this email on to anyone else in your club who could benefit from it. Please feel free to reach out to me or your Assistant Governor for help in developing your plan using the resources on the District website. There is never a bad time to make a concerted effort to improve your membership.